Would you like your business(es) to be listed in the Google map based business listing register?

The business listing is complete free and will always be!

This descriptive text describes how to register the business in 4 simple steps.

1: Register your own user account
First, register your own user account... The user registration mechanism is under reconstruction summer 2020.

2: Register the business main data
When logged in, click on the User Menu icon placed at upper left page. In the expanded user menu section, click the My Data menu item and then the My Businesses sub menu item for the My Businesses page to be opened. Click the Add button placed at lower right page, and register the business main data ie. the business Name, Address, Postal Code, City, possible Phone, possible Web (homepage) address, possible Facebook page address and the Description. The map marker is being auto set when the Address is selected from the Greece based Google address database lookup. For the map marker then to be exact positioned on the map, the marker is draggable. Click the Save button placed at lower right page for the data to be registered.

The possible Web (homepage) address and the possible Facebook page address has to include the http:// or the secured https:// alternatively for the links to operate correctly.

When the business main data is registered, the business is listed on the My Businesses page. Click on the business Details link to open the My Business Details page for the business categories to be set and the photos to be uploaded.

3: Register the business categories
Click the Edit button next to the Categories section and check one or more relevant categories checkboxes. Click the Save button next to the Categories section for the categories to be registered.

4: Register the business photos
Click the Files… button in the Photos section for the photos to be uploaded and auto saved. For the uploaded photos to be edited, click the Edit button next to the Photos section. The photos can be reordered (dragged) and commented on, and the first photo becomes the one which is included in the map marker business popup. Click the Save button next to the Photos section for the edited photos to be saved.

Contact us for your possible suggestion on additional categories to be introduced.