Welcome to Cretemix!

The site redesign started in December 2015 and continues in 2016, using the most modern web technologies.

We would like the site to contain absolutely everything about Crete.

The popular Google map based business listing register is now published in a complete new design, in which various filterable and searchable business parameters are introduced the next months. The businesses themselves register and maintain their business data for the data to be always updated. Would you like your business(es) to be listed? We have prepared a descriptive text on how to register the business in 4 simple steps.

The business listing is complete free and will always be!

The Google map based Places register is also now published, presenting the various places around Crete, based on the same principles now developed for the Google map based Business listing register.

Many more registers are planned to be introduced in 2016.

The next months, an online marketplace is also planned to be introduced for selling whatever you would like to sell on Crete.

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